Be the Captain of Your own Elite Private Health Team


Take control of your pain and health with a customized, laser focused and modern treatment approach - that goes back to the basics and beyond, using concepts from groundbreaking pain neuroscience, Physical Therapy & Osteopathy to lead you to your goals. 

Physical Therapy (on Site & at Fallingbrook Clinic)

Aleks Thornton, PT, BSc, MSc., CMT, CGIMS, M.C.P.A

Registered Manual Physiotherapist & Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation Provider

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment (45-60min): $130-140

Physiotherapy Treatment 30 min: $75

Physiotherapy Treatment 60 min: $150

Home Visit Rate: $210/hour

Dry Needling: $15 in addition to the Physiotherapy Rates

10+1 packages for follow up treatments available upon request

Exercise Physiologist (in Home)

Alex Effer, CEP, BKin, CSCS

Exercise Physiologist & Owner of Resilient Training & Rehabilitation

Remove Barriers of doing exercise.

Retraining & Reprogramming Breathing and movement with expertise.

Covered as part of Physiotherapy Services when appropriate

Private Price $165

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